Are you happy with Nintendo's DLC?

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  • Yes, and I hope they expand it in the future
  • Yes, they're doing the right amount now
  • No, I don't want DLC
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For many years Nintendo stayed away from DLC, but recently that has changed. Although Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata still adamantly holds that a game must feel complete at launch, we've seen games like New Super Mario Bros. U added on to post launch.

It's starting to look like this will become more common for Nintendo going forward, as Zelda and Animal Crossing DLC is headed to Mario Kart 8, free and paid DLC is headed to Hyrule Warriors, and Smash Bros. may be receiving DLC as well. Are you happy with this new trend in Nintendo games, or did you prefer things how they were before? Cast your vote and join the debate!

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