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Mother 3, the sequel to EarthBound, had a notoriously difficult development process. Ideas were scrapped and projects restarted time and time again as development shifted from Super Nintendo to Nintendo 64DD to Game Boy Advance. After twelve years and numerous re-imaginings, the game eventually saw release, and along the way, it inspired another franchise that would dwarf it in popularity.

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Well, that didn't take long. Nintendo just launched Nintendo Switch Online, and the new online membership service includes access to a digital library of NES games. There were 20 titles available at launch, and Nintendo is adding more at a rate of about three per month. Some fans aren't willing to wait for the goods, however. In virtually no time at all, at least one has gone ahead and added more himself.

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In recent years, Nintendo has found massive success with a pair of plug-and-play retro consoles known as the NES Classic and SNES Classic. These popular stocking stuffers have been consistently sold out, easily moving millions of units in no time. Sony noticed. Not to be outdone, they've just unveiled the PlayStation Classic, and it's coming out later this year!

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In just four days, Nintendo will officially launch their online membership service, Nintendo Switch Online. This service gives you access to online play (which will no longer be free), cloud saves on select games, and a digital library of classic NES titles. Nintendo previously announced that 20 games would be available in this library at launch, but that's just the beginning.

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Nintendo gave a quick recap of their new online service during today's Nintendo Direct. While most of the information was old, Nintendo revealed some brand new NES-Style controllers for the system that will be compatible with the classic NES titles available through the service.

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The Nintendo GameCube was the home of one of the most unique multiplayer RPGs out there: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The game made use of the GameBoy Advance link cable, allowing up to four players to join in on the fun. The game is regarded as a classic, and Square Enix has now decided to remaster it for a new generation.

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Yesterday we got a brand new trailer for Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee, giving us a look at some new secret techniques and attacks. The trailer also featured tons of new footage showing off Celadon City in all its HD re-imagined glory. Just how much has it changed since Pokémon Yellow? GameXplain has whipped up another fantastic comparison video to show the old and new side by side.

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Be it through the quests of Ninten, Ness, or Lucas, "Pollyanna (I Believe in You)" is a recurring theme throughout the EarthBound series that holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. Some might recall hearing Catherine Warwick's remastered version with vocals and all from the original Mother soundtrack, featured in a popular animated tribute to the SNES sequel a few years ago.

That particular rendition now has a phenomenal jazz/funk cover through the collaborative efforts of four talented musicians, premiering on YouTube today. Call them "Pollyanna," because they must be crazy as a loon to have pulled this one off—check it out for yourself after the jump!

While The Settlers—as a series of strategy games that originated in the '90s—never reached the critical acclamation of Warcraft or Heroes of Might and Magic, it remains dear to many gamers. At this year's Gamescom, the story about starting your own medieval colony and fighting other settlers returned, as Ubisoft announced not one but two games: The History Collection, which includes the first seven Settlers games, and a brand new game that reboots the franchise. Gamnesia recently had a chance to talk to Volker Wertich, the man behind the series and Creative Director for the upcoming reboot, about the past and future of Settlers.

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In the 24 years since its launch, Super Metroid has become one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time. Super Metroid took the basic formula of the original Metroid and evolved it into a genre-defining experience that has been inspiring countless developers ever since. In the latest episode of Mark Brown's outstanding Boss Keys series, he explores Super Metroid's game design to see what makes it so iconic.

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Later this month Nintendo will finally launch their paid online service, Nintendo Switch Online. In addition to getting access to online play (which will no longer be free once the service launches), Nintendo Switch Online gives members access to a digital library of classic games with 20 NES titles available at launch. Nintendo previously indicated that some of these classic titles will have new online features, and today we got a little more info in this regard.

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For many Nintendo fans growing up in the '90s, Rare's GoldenEye 007 was the first multiplayer shooter they ever played. I have many fond memories of competing with my friends and family members as a kid, and there was always one unofficial rule: picking Oddjob is cheating. Now, at long last, that rule is officially canon.

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Metroid is one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises, but it hasn't always received the same amount of attention from Nintendo over the years as games like Mario or Zelda. Samus' adventures have often had multi-year gaps between them as Nintendo struggles to decide what to do with the franchise. During these absent periods, many third-party developers have pitched ideas to Nintendo, hoping to have the chance to create their own Metroid experience. As it turns out, SEGA was once one of those interested parties.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most critically acclaimed and influential games of all time, inspiring countless adventures in the two decades since it released. So where does a game like that draw its own inspiration? Certainly past Zelda games like A Link to the Past set the foundation, but Ocarina of Time's action came from a less expected source. Nintendo turned to Ninja movies.

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The latest iteration of Super Smash Bros. is by far the biggest yet, with a roster that includes every character in franchise history and a lineup of stages with over 100 to choose from. All of those stages (and fighters) have been graphically improved as well. We recently shared a GameXplain video that compares returning Wii U stages to their Switch counterparts, and today we have a follow-up video that does the same for the classic Nintendo 64 stages.

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