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Latest Nintendo Switch Updates

We already know that Crash Bandicoot will soon be on Switch, but now your Switch can be on Crash Bandicoot! Yeah, that's a bit confusing, so we'll clarify. Exquisite Gaming, seller of officially licensed video game merchandise, is now selling a 12 inch tall Crash Bandicoot statue that can hold your Nintendo Switch, a tablet, or PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. You know, just in case you need that sort of thing.

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The big day is finally here for Nintendo's new project. Nintendo Labo allows you to create custom cardboard peripherals that interact with Switch features like HD rumble, infrared sensing, and the touch screen. With Labo, you can go fishing, race a car, fight a giant robot, play the piano, and more. Nintendo Labo is finally available today, and Nintendo has recruited Bill Nye to show off its merits in a new video.

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We're just days away from the theatrical release of Avengers: Infinity War. The Avengers are up against their toughest foe yet, with Thanos aiming to destroy half the universe. We'll all be cheering for the heroes in theaters, but if some small part of you wants to explore the evil side of that conflict, you'll soon have the chance! The mighty villain will soon be joining LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 as a playable character.

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While investigating ten games with loot boxes, The Dutch Gambling Authority has stated that they found four games that violate their Betting and Gaming Act. They also warned game publishers to modify their loot boxes to remove "addiction-sensitive" elements by mid-June and went on to say that "Offering this type of game of chance to Dutch players without a license is prohibited."

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We're just under two months away from E3 2018, and the E3 press conference schedule is starting to come together. While we still don't have any plans from Sony or Nintendo (other than their Smash Bros. tournament), we now know when Ubisoft's conference will be held. Ubisoft's E3 2018 press conference will be held on June 11th at 1:00 PM PST (4:00 PM EST); fans will likely learn more about previously-announced titles like Beyond Good & Evil 2, Skull and Bones, and The Crew 2, as well as new announcements and more.

It's been almost 17 years since Wave Race: Blue Storm released on the Nintendo GameCube, but it seems like the wait for a new installment in the Wave Race franchise could be over soon. During an interview with Fandom at the BAFTA Awards last week, Nintendo general manager and former Wave Race director Shinya Takahashi teased that a Wave Race game could be coming to the Switch at some point in the future.

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Capcom is bringing the entire Mega Man X series to modern platforms in July in the form of the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 pack. The bundle includes all eight games with updates and enhancements, plus a ton of new content. The first of the two collections was recently featured on Capcom TV, giving us a good look at the menu, the extra content contained in the Museum, and the new X Challenge boss mode.

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Ever since the historic Zelda franchise reached its 30th anniversary in early 2016, Nintendo has been releasing a series of collector's books to celebrate the occasion. The third and final book in this 30th anniversary series, titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Master Works, recently released in Japan, and it includes exclusive looks at early concept art from the latest Zelda adventure.

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Indie team Yacht Club Games has a huge hit on their hands with Shovel Knight, totaling over 2 million copies sold. They've kept fans hooked on the retro platformer with two expansion packs since launch, and a third is on the way. Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait a little longer than they expected to get their hands on the King of Cards expansion.

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Sonic fans are looking forward to diving right back into the mania once Sonic Mania Plus drops this summer. Expanding on the original release of the highest rated Sonic game in well over a decade, the Sonic Mania expansion is set to bring new modes and playable characters in the form of the returning Mighty and Ray.

However, looks like some fans have gotten into some of the fun early as a substantial Sonic Mania update dropped for PlayStation 4 earlier today. The update has since been pulled from the server, but not without some fans already looking into what's changed.

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FromSoftware's Dark Souls is getting the remaster treatment for modern platforms, and publisher Bandai Namco previously announced a May 25th release date. Unfortunately, there's been a slight change of plans. Most versions of Dark Souls Remastered will still launch on the previously announced date, but Nintendo Switch fans are going to have to wait a little longer.

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Just a few days ago, SEGA announced a lineup of games called SEGA Ages coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. The service is similar to Nintendo's Virtual Console, offering players the chance to download classic SEGA games to a modern system. More recently, SEGA revealed the first five retro titles we can get our hands on later this year.

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Nintendo launched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild over a year ago, and fans are still finding things to get excited about. The latest discovery is an Easter Egg hidden in plain sight that has gone unnoticed for months. During the Trial of the Sword (which was added as DLC last Summer), players encounter a total of seven Sheikah monks. What no one realized before is that they're hiding a secret.

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Game Freak and The Pokémon Company are hard at work on a Pokémon adventure for Nintendo Switch, but we don't know yet whether it will be a remake of a past game or the beginning of the eighth generation. According to a story circulating via Nintendo Life, that question has been answered today. However, upon examining the evidence, we're not so sure.

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While Nintendo has yet to reveal a dedicated Virtual Console system for the Switch, its third party partnerships were certainly up to the task in revitalizing their retro games onto the hybrid platform. Hamster Corporation has consistently pushed ACA NEOGEO releases on the eShop since launch, and publishers such as Capcom, SNK, Atari, and Bandai Namco have all come forward with a bevy of collection titles for arcade classics and fan-favorite franchises.

Now, SEGA has announced that they're finally getting in the action too, with a "SEGA Ages" initiative coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. Hit the jump for more info!