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Latest Nintendo Switch Updates

There are just a few days left until the launch of Yoshi's Crafted World, and Nintendo is still pumping out new trailers left and right. The latest trailer is targeted at players who aren't up to speed on what the upcoming Switch game has to offer. Yoshi 101 goes over some of the game's key mechanics, like making and firing eggs, uncovering hidden secrets, and exploring the Flip Side of levels.

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For months now there have been rumors circulating that suggest Nintendo is preparing to launch a new Nintendo Switch model. Some speculated that this could be a more powerful version, while others speculated it would instead be a smaller, cheaper version. These two hypothesized models have become known by the nicknames Switch Pro and Switch Lite. If the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, they're both real and both coming in 2019.

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During the recent Nindies Showcase, we were shocked and delighted to learn there's a new Zelda crossover game on the way. Unlike Hyrule Warriors, the latest Zelda crossover wasn't made with another AAA developer, but an indie team instead. Nintendo is teaming up with Crypt of the NecroDancer developer Brace Yourself Games to make Cadence of Hyrule. Will this open the door to more Nintendo/indie collaborations in the future?

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StudioMDHR's beloved Cuphead is headed to Nintendo Switch, and sometime after launch, it will be receiving an update that makes it compatible with Xbox Live. We've heard rumors of a much bigger partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo, but thus far Microsoft has yet to confirm plans for services like Game Pass and Project xCloud. However, they did confirm plans to expand the Xbox Live presence on Switch.

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For the past month or so we've been hearing rumors that Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo finally confirmed this during the recent Nindies Showcase. This beautiful, hand-drawn, run-and-gun platformer hits Nintendo's hybrid platform next month, and it's even getting Xbox Live support in a post-launch patch. With Cuphead and Mugman coming to a Nintendo platform, could this open the door to a Super Smash Bros. appearance?

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Recently, we reported on a leak suggesting Microsoft plans to bring Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. A month later, Microsoft officially announced Xbox Live for Android and iOS, but they were silent on the Switch front. That changed today. Following the Nindies Showcase reveal of Cuphead for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft confirmed it will (eventually) include Xbox Live support.

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Millions of fans are excited about the new trailer for Stranger Things season 3, but that's not all the Hawkins goodness we're getting. Back during The Game Awards 2018, we learned that the Duffer Brothers are working with BonusXP to create a video game adaptation of the third season. A new trailer dropped during today's Nindies Showcase and revealed a release date of July 4th, the same date as the show's return.

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Back in 2017, indie developer Inti Creates crafted a remake of the classic NES game Blaster Master and launched it on Nintendo 3DS and Switch as Blaster Master Zero. The remake was a big success on eShop, and Inti Creates has been working on a sequel ever since. During today's Nindies Direct, Blaster Master Zero 2 was revealed, and on top of that, it's already available on Switch eShop for $9.99.

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Here's a shocking announcement we weren't expecting. The final reveal of today's Nindies Showcase was a crossover game mixing an indie series with a major Nintendo franchise. Cadence of Hyrule is a sequel to Crypt of the Necrodancer featuring a familiar-looking world and Link and Zelda as playable characters. Cadence of Hyrule is headed to Nintendo Switch this Spring.

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We've been hearing rumors recently that Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch. This turned out to be true today during today's Nindies Direct. Studio MDHR and Microsoft have teamed up with Nintendo to bring the popular run-and-gun platformer to Switch on April 18th, and it's available for pre-purchase today. You can catch the reveal trailer by clicking below!

Earlier in the week, Nintendo announced plans to host another Nindies Direct, and today's the day! The indie game presentation will last about half an hour, which is a sizable chunk of time for a Nindies event. We're not sure exactly what to expect in terms of announcements, but there should be plenty to see, and we're livestreaming it all right here. The show kicks off at 9:00 AM Pacific / Noon Eastern.

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The Nintendo Switch eShop has become a hot spot for indies, and Nintendo has been doing a pretty good job of making sure some of the best ones are promoted. Just two months ago they held an Indie Highlights Presentation, but they still have more to show. Nintendo just announced that they'll be broadcasting a Nindies Showcase later this week.

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With a deeper insight into the inner machinations of Team Sonic Racing at SXSW 2019 came additional details about the upcoming racing title's own music. Jun Senoue of Crush 40 fame has confirmed that the TSR original soundtrack—appropriately titled Maximum Overdrive—will be dropping worldwide with the release of the game, and it will be a behemoth of an anthology to collect at that.

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The SEGA-hosted "Gotta Go Fast" panel at SXSW 2019 was all about Sumo Digital's Team Sonic Racing, the next multiplatform Sonic the Hedgehog racer coming to consoles in the next two months. Fans were treated to a deeper dive into what the upcoming Sonic title has to offer, with expectations high following the studio's All-Stars Racing Transformed in 2012. If what was shown at the panel was of any indication, TSR is shaping up to be quite the treat for longtime fans.

One extensive preview of the game showed off the vehicle customization feature, where players can swap out parts, paint jobs, vinyls, and horns to make their car their own. Check out the trailer after the jump, backed with a tasty "Crank the Heat Up!! ...for Final Egg" remix from Sonic Adventure!

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a huge hit with well over 3 million copies sold since its debut just over a year ago, and Bandai Namco has kept players engaged with regularly released new content. New fighters have joined the game in DLC packs, and Season 2 is in full swing. The latest newcomer has just been revealed, and it's... an interesting choice.

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