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Indie game and retro 3D platformer revival Yooka-Laylee is finally releasing on the Nintendo Switch on December 14th. Since Playtonic Games' debut game was largely driven by the desires of fans who enjoyed platformers and RareWare games of old (including the Banjo-Kazooie franchise from which Yooka-Laylee is inspired), this version of the game should make many of the people who wanted Yooka-Laylee in the first place happy.

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It's safe to say that SEGA is aware of the insane following Sonic the Hedgehog has online.The Sonic Boom television series has made several jabs at the online Sonic community, and the official Twitter account for the blue hedgehog doesn't hold back either. Now one of the most infamous Sonic memes has made its way into Sonic Forces in the form of a Sanic t-shirt.

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Nintendo promised that Splatoon 2 would be getting more free content throughout the year, and the updates just announced for release in November and mid-December are meatier than usual! Featuring new maps, a new mode, and tons of brand new customization options for players' Inklings, Splatoon 2 is going to be packed with content for the holidays.

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Donkey Kong? Rosalina? Wario? Bowser Jr.? Maybe even Rayman? These could all be possibilities for a new hero character that Nintendo has revealed is coming to Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in early 2018 via DLC. Thanks to the newly revealed "Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gold Edition" on Nintendo's eShop website, we know that both this mystery character and a new world will be included in the upcoming DLC.

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Games are being acclaimed left and right; it's finally award season, meaning this year's most well-received titles are raking in the accomplishments and praise. Fans recently voted for the 2017 Golden Joystick Awards, and they've named The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Wii U and Nintendo Switch the ultimate game of the year, among many more distinctions.

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The Game Awards will be airing on December 7th this year, and the nominees have all been officially announced. There are many different categories this year, such as Best Performance, Best Student Game, Best Chinese Game, and many more. But most people watching the show will be looking at one award in particular: Game of the Year. The contenders for this biggest category include Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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It's been a great year for Zelda thanks to the monumental success of Breath of the Wild, and there's more content on the way in the form of a DLC pack next month. As great as Link's latest adventure in Hyrule was, there are still plenty of longtime fans itching for another classic, top-down entry in the franchise. Nintendo hasn't announced anything on this front for Switch, but thankfully Ittle Dew 2 launches today. Hit the jump to see why Zelda fans should be excited for this indie gem!

While this morning's Nintendo Direct focused almost exclusively on the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, a brief mention was given to yet another of Nintendo's major releases from 2017: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It turns out that another quest will be coming to the latest Zelda game in just a couple of days, via a free update. While we don't yet know what exactly this quest will require of Link, we do know its reward will be the outfit of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's main protagonist, Rex.

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DLC for games is nothing new these days, with even Nintendo getting in on the action in recent years. It looks like they'll be doing so again with their upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2, as this morning's Nintendo Direct announced an "Expansion Pass" for the game. Five rounds of DLC appear to be planned for the title, which will roll out from December all the way until autumn of next year.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2's Nintendo Direct just wrapped up, but one of the biggest new details about the game came right at the start. For a while now, gamers have been critical of some of the voice acting in the upcoming title, with many hoping that they'd be able to switch to Japanese voices if they wanted to. This is now confirmed to be an option in the game, with Nintendo planning to add the feature via a free DLC patch on launch day.

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Good morning, my fellow Xenoblade fans! Nintendo announced last week that a Nintendo Direct focused on Monolith Soft's soon-to-release Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would be airing this morning, and the time is almost here. It's a pretty early start for some of us, but here's hoping that Nintendo will make it worth our while by providing tons of new details and information about December's massive RPG.

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Usually, the 2D games in the Super Mario franchise sell faster than the 3D adventures. Before now, New Super Mario Bros. Wii held the title of fastest-selling Mario game in the United States. Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch has broken that trend, selling more than 1.1 million units of the game in the first five days in the U.S. alone. On top of the rising Nintendo Switch sales, this is a success story Nintendo is more than pleased with.

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Super Mario games pretty much always have polish. As such, the former plumber's games are usually great platforming adventures with some whimsical designs and tight controls. That being said, it's difficult to say the series has retained its unique sense of charm in the past decade. Super Mario Galaxy was the last time the core series of games really reinvented itself, with the more linear games since making some slight improvements, but none that broke any innovative new ground for Super Mario. I guess it is extremely fitting, then, that the brand new sandbox 3D game in the franchise feels like the freshest adventure Mario has had in more than ten years.

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Nintendo Directs have become the Big N's primary method of conveying new information about upcoming titles in recent years, and another one is coming our way soon! Announced this morning, a special Direct focused exclusively on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming this Tuesday, November 7th. With the game now less than a month away from launch, it certainly seems like a good time to show off the best features of Monolith Soft's next massive RPG.

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The release of Super Mario Odyssey has been extraordinarily successful so far. The game is already classified among the highest-rated video games of all time, according to review aggregator sites like Metacritic and Game Rankings, and it's gained incredible popularity in its first few days on the market. In its latest financial briefing, Nintendo revealed the first official sales numbers for Super Mario Odyssey. The company claims that Odyssey sold over two million copies in its first three days, making it the sixth Nintendo Switch title to sell over a million units.

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