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Just over a year ago, Nintendo announced that they were working on new hardware under the code name NX. They haven't revealed many official details since then, but rumors have been numerous. Most recently, images surfaced that were supposedly a prototype for the NX controller. The images closely resembled patents filed by Nintendo, and Destructoid's analysis concluded that it likely wasn't Photoshopped, at least not significantly. Shortly after, more images surfaced, and Game Informer Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara stated that they were consistent with reports he had heard about NX.

Nintendo has avoided commenting on the supposed leak thus far, and we ruled it as likely being false in our recent podcast. Industry insider Liam Robertson furthered our suspicions, reporting that a Nintendo of Europe employee assured him they were fake. Today we have final confirmation, as the creator of the fake has stepped forward on Reddit with a video that reveals how it was done. Click below to watch.

Liam Robertson, known mostly for his work with Unseen64, has been tweeting about the recent leaked images regarding Nintendo's upcoming NX console. Quoting a "friend of mine from NoE," Robertson said that the leaked images were fake and that we should "take any 'leaks' like these with a huge pinch of salt" in the future.

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Update: Adding credence to this rumor, Game Informer Editor-in-Chief Andy McNamara has revealed that the supposed NX images match information that he had previously heard but could not confirm. McNamara's sources had previously told him that the NX controller wouldn't have face buttons, which is consistent with the leaked images.

Original article: Nintendo is working on a new piece of dedicated gaming hardware under the code name NX, and they're keeping details firmly under lock and key until sometime later this year. But that hasn't stopped a steady flow of rumors from rushing in. A few days ago, we reported on a supposed leak of NX's controller that perfectly matched recent Nintendo patents. We weren't certain of its validity, and we're still not, but more images of the controller (this time in black instead of white) have now surfaced on Reddit. Reddit user perkele37 has uploaded two images of the rumored NX controller, along with a few details. Click below for more.

Last December, Nintendo patented a new design for a gaming controller, which many people speculated could be the controller for the upcoming NX console. The patent showed an oval-shaped touchscreen controller, which looked like a cross between a Wii U GamePad and a more traditional controller, such as the GameCube controller or Pro Controller.

A supposed leak reported on by Dual Pixels gives us a look at what could possibly be a prototype for the NX controller, which perfectly matches Nintendo's patent.

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Industry insider "Geno" has been fueling tons of rumors lately, including Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive and other NX details. We don't know how much truth there is to Geno's recent leaks, but he has accurately revealed big news in the past, including scoops on Pokémon, Castlevania, and Kingdom Hearts. However, he has also been behind some rumors that turned out to be very false.

Geno is back at it again today with more NX rumblings. His latest claim is that Nintendo is working on Luigi's Mansion 3 as a launch title for Nintendo NX, and the game is set to be a visual masterpiece that lets the industry know what NX is capable of doing. Hit the jump for more!

Nintendo first teased that they were working on new video game hardware under the code name "NX" almost exactly one year ago, but they've been very tight-lipped about the device since then. Aside from stating that it would be "an entirely new concept" and hinting that it could incorporate multiple devices, Nintendo has kept official details tightly under lock and key.

That said, there have been numerous rumors and reports about NX, and some of them have come from credible sources. Speculation about a sort of handheld/hybrid console is running wild, and many analysts in the industry have weighed in. The latest to do so is Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter — well-known for his pointed critiques of Nintendo in recent years. Pachter isn't sure what NX will be, but based the rumblings in the industry, he believes it "is not going to be very good" because "it's backward looking technology." Click below for more.

Earlier this month, we reported on a rumor that Nintendo is funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive, similar to their deal for Bayonetta 2 on Wii U. Destructoid UK editor Laura Kate Dale later stated on a podcast that Ubisoft contacted her and asked her to remove the rumor without citing any reason.

Since then, she has updated the article (per Ubisoft's request) to clarify that "any requests made to take down this story were not sent by Ubisoft's official PR departments." Dale also states that "Any prior statements suggesting Ubisoft were behind requests for this story to be removed should be dismissed." It's unclear exactly who contacted Destructoid about removing the article, but apparently it was not done in any official capacity.

Destructoid reported on some whispers they heard within the industry that they believe hold at least some water, that Nintendo is funding Beyond Good & Evil 2, and in exchange, it will be an NX exclusive. So basically a repeat of the Bayonetta 2 situation. Ubisoft declined to comment on the rumor, and even asked Destructoid to remove the report, while refusing to give any reason.

This was one of the talking points on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Check out the discussion video after the jump for our full thoughts on this developing story, or keep reading for a brief, brief summary.

A few days ago we reported on a rumor that Nintendo is funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX-exclusive game in a similar manner to the way they funded Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive. Destructoid broke this story thanks to multiple sources, including well-known leaker Geno.

Rumors surface every day, and many eventually prove to be false, but this particular story has started to gain some steam. After publishing the article, Destructoid UK editor Laura Kate Dale revealed on an episode of Destructoid's podcast that Ubisoft reached out to her and requested that she remove the article. Dale opted to keep the article up, and Ubisoft declined to provide a reason for asking that it be removed.

DualPixels, who reports that a very reliable source who previously leaked Fairy Type and Mega Evolution in Pokémon X and Y, information about PS4's hardware, and the existence of Microsoft's IllumiRoom, has revealed a megaton of crazy information about the NX, including that it "looks like Samsung had a baby with Nintendo 2DS," answers phone calls and text messages, and includes a wireless HDMI dongle to stream any device to the TV.

This was one of the talking points on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia, during a segment where we analyze recent rumors. Check out the discussion video after the jump for our full thoughts on the rumor, or keep reading for a brief, brief summary.

According to Destructoid, Beyond Good & Evil might receive a sequel for Nintendo's NX next year, which will be funded by Nintendo itself and, as such, would be an NX-exclusive. Essentially this would be the same situation as was the case with Bayonetta 2, which was also funded by Nintendo.

Destructoid has multiple sources for this number, the first of which is Geno, who was responsible for recent NX rumors and uncovered a couple of new Pokémon forms and Microsoft's IllumiRoom project before they were announced. He provided Alexander Maier, a writer for Dual Pixels, with a document detailing the Beyond Good & Evil sequel, who passed it on to Destructoid.

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There are tons of gaming enthusiast podcasts out in the wild, but almost none of the top-tier podcasts are made specifically for Nintendo fans. That's where we come in! We here at Gamnesia are bringing you a new episode of "Nintendo Week," a podcast made for Nintendo fans by Nintendo fans.

This week we're joined by Braxton Burks, the creator of the popular Pokémon Reorchestrated fan project, to discuss a huge amount of Pokémon news, including the Virtual Console rereleases, Pokémon GO, and the announcement of Gen VII. Plus we address an extremely juicy new set of NX rumors that detail all the goals of the system, and it sounds crazy enough to work like magic. After the break we introduce a new segment called Places and People, where we sit down to chat with various people from around the Nintendosphere. You can check out the episode after the jump—or if you'd like to save it to listen later, you can check the latest episode out on iTunes, available now.

A leak has reportedly been made regarding Nintendo's mysterious upcoming console, known simply as the NX. The leaker calls himself 'Geno' and has made a number of leaks in the past which proved to be true. He claims that Nintendo's next console will have a detachable HDMI dongle, it will have haptic feedback in joysticks, its power is comparable to Microsoft's Xbox One, and any game that can run on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can easily be made to run on the NX with almost no modification needed.

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A YouTuber named SuperMetalDave64 has recently published tons of information from a credited source at Nintendo of America, one of which claimed that Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Remake are both coming to Nintendo's next platform.

This was one of the talking points on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Check out the discussion video after the jump for our full thoughts on the idea of a partnership with Roy Lee, or keep reading for a brief, brief summary.

Rumors for the Nintendo NX have been swirling around the internet ever since Nintendo teased the console last year. According to a member from NeoGAF, the Nintendo NX will be receiving a "high profile" port from a big third party developer. Due to a non-disclosure agreement, they could not delve into any more details than that, but the user did say that gamers will be very pleased.

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