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In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Metroid Prime-series producer Kensuke Tanabe stated that the chances of a new Metroid Prime title releasing on the Wii U is not great.

He stated that "if we started for Wii U now, it would likely take three years or so. So it would likely now be on Nintendo's NX console". This seems to suggest that not only is a Metroid Prime game not currently in development for Wii U, but also that the NX seems to be a successor to Wii U.

Nikkei, a fairly reliable source, recently reported that Nintendo’s NX is going to run on an Android-based operating system. Nintendo quickly denied the resulting rumors, saying that there was “no truth” to the report. Nevertheless, the internet jumped quickly to speculation. Many pointed out that Nintendo denied similar reports from Nikkei that the DSi XL and the 3DS XL were in production, the latter of which was confirmed just days later.

So where does the truth lie? This is one of the subjects we discuss in the latest episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo-themed podcast here at Gamnesia. Head inside to find out.

There are tons of gaming enthusiast podcasts out in the wild, but almost none of the top-tier podcasts are made specifically for Nintendo fans. That's where we come in! We here at Gamnesia are bringing you a new episode of "Nintendo Week," a podcast made for Nintendo fans by Nintendo fans.

This week, we break down everything you need to know from two Nintendo Directs, and then tackle a ton of news from the week, including rumors that NX will run on Android, Splatoon's first rounds of DLC, more Amiibo hunting horror stories, and the triumphant return of Mega Man. Give it a listen in the player just below, and check out the links further down to read more on any of the stories.

Recently we reported that, according to Japanese publication Nikkei, an inside source claimed that Nintendo's upcoming NX system would run on Android OS. This, the report said, was to make development easier and attract more developers to the platform. Nintendo representatives typically do not respond to unconfirmed reports, but when questioned by the Wall Street Journal, a Nintendo spokesperson replied, "There is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX."

Nintendo likely broke their policy of non-response due to the potential negative effects of industry members believing the report. However, it is interesting to note that Nintendo also outright denied a report from the same publication on June 4th, 2012, calling Nikkei's claims that a 3DS Xl model would be launched "entirely speculation," only to unveil the 3DS XL just 17 days later. Their response this time around seems much more ironclad though, as in the previous example they did not technically deny it.

Nikkei, one of Japan's main newspapers, has published an article recently that claims that the Nintendo NX console will run using an Android operating system, rather than Nintendo's current proprietary software. The information comes from an inside source (possibly from Nintendo), who says that the NX's "operating system is loaded with Android," adding that "this would be able to speed up getting all game developers on board."

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We've known for some time that Nintendo's upcoming platform, dubbed NX, is going to be a "brand new concept," but Nintendo's been keeping a tight lid on what exactly that might entail. CEO Satoru Iwata, however, may have recently revealed more about the NX than we realized during a meeting with Nintendo's investors. What can we learn about NX from Iwata's latest hints? This is one of the subjects we cover on this week's episode of Nintendo Week, our Nintendo podcast here at Gamnesia.

If you'd like to learn more, you can watch the discussion video, or keep reading for the analysis, both found after the jump!

There are tons of gaming enthusiast podcasts out in the wild, but almost none of the top-tier podcasts are made specifically for Nintendo fans. That's where we come in! We here at Gamnesia are bringing you a new episode of "Nintendo Week," a podcast made for Nintendo fans by Nintendo fans.

As always, we break down the most recent week of news, including a new Pushmo game and some Fire Emblem news, thoughts on the 3DS' upcoming games (or possibly lack thereof), but perhaps most importantly, a ton of information about the NX and very vivid hints about what it entails. After the news, we go over some major Nintendo games that we haven't played—none of us know what's on each others' lists, so we're well prepared to shame the crap out of each other.

Nintendo is the only major video game hardware producer that still region-locks its products; fans have been petitioning against the policy for years, but Nintendo hasn't budged. CEO Satoru Iwata was recently asked about this by investors, and he revealed that Nintendo is considering dropping region-locking with NX. Iwata says it's "unrealistic" to expect region-locking to go away on 3DS and Wii U, but he's optimistic about a change in the next generation.

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Back in March, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that new video game hardware codenamed "NX" is in development. Details are scarce, and NX's full reveal won't come until next year, but Iwata has stated that it's a "brand new concept" and not just a replacement for 3DS or Wii U.

During the recent investor Q & A session, Iwata was asked if NX was a new handheld, a new console, or if those notions should be abandoned entirely. Iwata responded that the way games are being played is changing, especially between Japan and overseas markets, and part of NX's "brand new concept" is taking the varied playing environments of different countries into consideration. Hit the jump for his full statements.

Two months ago, Nintendo announced that they were partnering with Japanese publisher DeNA to release mobile games. To assure fans that Nintendo was still focused on dedicated gaming platforms, Iwata also teased new hardware codenamed NX. No real details were given for NX, and it looks like that's going to be the case for a while. After stating that Nintendo won't discuss smartphone games at E3, Iwata reiterated that we'll have to wait until next year for NX news, but he did leave investors with the teaser that NX is not a "simple replacement" for Nintendo's current consoles. Hit the jump for more!

Fans have been asking Nintendo to do away with region-locking for years, but so far Nintendo has stood by the policy. Nintendo games can only be played on a console that was purchased in the same region, making it impossible to play imported games. However, this might not be the case with future products. CEO Satoru Iwata just wrapped up a Q&A session with investors in Japan, and parts of it have been translated by reliable sources. According to Iwata, Nintendo is investigating the possibility of dropping region-locking with NX. Hit the jump for more!

Nintendo fans have been asking the company to buy out Capcom for quite some time, and while it's still a pipe dream, it's not just raving fans with a blind wish; Nintendo actually has all the reason to buy them out.

Capcom has dozens of franchises that would do well to bring Nintendo out of their downward-trending console sales, and franchises like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry would help Nintendo shed the "kiddie" reputation they have among so many gamers—and more importantly, among third-party developers. Head inside to learn more!

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata revealed last month that Nintendo is working on a new dedicated gaming platform codenamed NX. No specifics were given, and Iwata said he hoped to share more next year. In the meantime, a principal test engineer at Nintendo has updated his LinkedIn profile to indicate that Nintendo has multiple devices in the works.

Nintendo's Lu Yang marked under "Experience" that he has spent February 2014 until the present working on "Platform Tools for current (Wii U) and next generation (unannounced) consoles." Nintendo typically starts brainstorming for the next handheld and home consoles immediately after their current one is released, but the fact that they're creating platform tools for multiple consoles indicates they're a little further along.

Nintendo's recently announced next-generation platform, codenamed NX, has had many wondering and theorizing on possibilities for the future of the company. While many are imagining a system that melds Nintendo's prowess in home consoles and handhelds, at least one analyst has something radically different in mind, calling his prediction "a video game controller for the smart device era."

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Let's be honest, the Wii U has had a less-than-amazing run so far. While Nintendo's current console has had many great exclusives such as Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Hyrule Warriors, as it stands, the console has sold barely 10 million units. Our friends over at VentureBeat say that recent events may point towards a premature, yet controlled, development downswing of the Wii U. Nobody is saying this is because "Nintendoomed" but more because recent events are coming together in a less-than-appealing fashion. Between the delay of Zelda U (which isn't much of a surprise alone), the reveal of Nintendo diving into the mobile market with DeNA, and their latest announcement of the NX, things are starting to look a bit suspicious.

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