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If you've been enjoying the Resident Evil 2 remake but find yourself short on things to do after completing Leon and Claire's campaigns, we've got some good news! Starting today you can get your hands on a new update called "The Ghost Survivors." This free DLC gives you access to three new "what if" campaigns starring characters that weren't lucky enough to make it out of Raccoon City alive.

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The next big project from Mass Effect developer BioWare is almost here. Anthem has been in the works since 2012, and the ambitious game finally wrapped up development last month. We're still about two weeks away from the game's launch (although many players have already tried out the game's demo), but publisher Electronic Arts has gone ahead and uploaded the launch trailer ahead of schedule.

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Red Dead Redemption has been a massive success for Rockstar. The highly-anticipated Western shooter launched to stellar review scores and quickly sold over 17 million copies, and that was all before the game's online launched. Since then, Rockstar has continued to release updates and new content, including the Battle Royale style Gun Rush mode. Thanks to a solid holiday season, Red Dead Redemption 2's sales are now sitting even higher.

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A few days ago, Bandai Namco unveiled season 2 of Dragon Ball FighterZ and revealed the identity of its first two DLC fighters. Universe 11's ultra-powerful (and let's be real here, ultra-boring) warrior Jiren the Gray is joining the fight. Alongside him, players will also have access to Satan's little angel, Videl, who is sporting her Dragon Ball Z look from before Toriyama benched her. If you want to see these new fighters in action, we've got a gameplay video showing off their fighting styles.

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Over 20 years after Resident Evil 2 debuted on PlayStation, Capcom took us back to Raccoon City for a horrifying stroll down memory lane. The new version of Resident Evil 2 has been remade from the ground up with HD graphics, a new camera scheme, new controls, new areas to explore, and more. It launched to stellar reviews just a few days ago, and Capcom just announced that it has already hit a major milestone.

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Following the success of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bandai Namco is gearing up to launch another game in Toriyama's beloved universe (or, rather, multiverse). Earlier in the month, they teased that they were working on a new Dragon Ball Z action RPG, and they recently released its first trailer.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ has quickly become one of the most beloved video games in the fighting game tournament scene. Combining the Dragon Ball franchise with the tight fighting game style of Arc System Works turned out to be lightning in a bottle. To keep up with the success of the game, a second season pass for fighter DLC has been revealed, with the first two fighters dropping this Thursday!

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Loot boxes were one of the hottest topics in the video game industry in 2018. This mechanic encourages players to spend money on a handful of items without knowing ahead of time what they will be. They've been a source of so much controversy that multiple national governments have stepped in to investigate or regulate them as gambling. And now one of the most popular games in the world has decided to do away with them.

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Fallout 76 was arguably one of the most disappointing games of 2018, and Bethesda has been feeling the heat. In addition to the bizarre nylon bag controversy, they've been dealing with numerous prominent bugs, negative reviews, and mediocre sales numbers. In the wake of its disastrous launch, rumors have been circulating that Fallout 76 will soon be ditching its $60 price tag.

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BioWare has been hard at work on Anthem since 2012, and soon the public will finally get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The next big thing from the team behind Mass Effect was originally slated for a 2018 launch, but it was pushed back to 2019, giving the developers more time. If you were worried about another potential delay, fear not! The latest update on the game's development all but ensures it will be ready to launch on time.

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We're less than a day away now from the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, and Capcom's still not done hyping it up yet. Yesterday we posted the game's early launch trailer, and today Capcom treated us to a different kind of trailer. Horror filmmaker George Romero created a live-action trailer for the original Resident Evil 2 back in 1998, so Capcom decided to release a new live-action ad for the remake in his honor.

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Capcom has rebuilt Resident Evil 2 from the ground up with impressive new HD visuals, modernized controls and camera options, an expanded plot, new areas to explore, and more. Early reviews of this remake are overwhelmingly positive, and fans are chomping at the bit to head back to Raccoon City after being hooked by the 1-Shot Demo. There are still two days left to go, but Capcom went ahead and released the launch trailer a little early.

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We're just days away from the big return to Raccoon City, and the hype is strong! Capcom's Resident Evil 2 remake is pulling in stellar reviews from just about everyone, and the recently released 1-shot demo has been downloaded over 3 million times in less than two weeks. If that's not enough to get you excited, today Capcom also revealed that free DLC is on the way to the game after it launches.

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Over 20 years after Capcom first unleashed survival-horror classic Resident Evil 2 on the world, we're finally getting an HD remake. The new take on the Raccoon City disaster ditches the tank controls and fixed camera angles for a more modern style, and everything has been built from the ground up in the new RE Engine. So how does the 2019 model stack up to the original?

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The Power Rangers brand has been around for decades, and there have been quite a few video game adaptations over the years. Rumors have been swirling for a while now about the next Power Rangers game, and today it was officially unveiled. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a multiplatform "high fidelity" fighting game from the development team behind the Legacy Wars mobile game.

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