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Shortly following the rumor of Microsoft paying third parties to withhold games on PlayStation 4, another new tidbit has been heard through the grapevine.

One Redditor claims he saw Microsoft workers monitoring the gaming subreddit and making positive posts on the company's new console: the Xbox One. Although his original post, along with many others, has been deleted, a NeoGAF user has recorded the full story. We don't know if some accounts got deleted, but the majority of the discussion has been removed from the site. Take a look right here of the abandoned amusement park.

Here's what the Reddit user said.

"Just thought I'd share something interesting that happened to me this week. I work for a marketing firm in Redmond that has a contract with Microsoft. I can't say specifically which division, but suffice to say we are not involved with the Xbox.

We had a pretty large meeting this week at one of the offices off 31st and, because this was the first time we had visited the Microsoft complex, we got a tour of some of the buildings. It's a quite amazing place. We won't the only visitors either; there were contractors from quite a number of other firms visiting, and presumably meeting to discuss projects related to our own."

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Platinum Games is already bringing Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 to Wii U later this year, but the company may have much more in store for E3.

Creative Producer JP Kellams has sent out an E3 tease over Twitter. There are no hinted franchises, just general hype building. Kellams says that "if you are a Platinum Games fan next week is going to be awesome."

This could just mean some more The Wonderful 101 gameplay, or possibly our first real look at Bayonetta 2. However, we could be seeing a brand new game get revealed. It could be Metal Gear Rising 2 or even a sequel to MadWorld. We just don't know! Only time will tell what Platinum is teasing. (I personally want to see them work on Star Fox.)

Hit the jump to see the tweet.

The Nazis beat everyone to the bomb in this alternate universe. Wolfenstein: The New Order takes place in a world different from the one we know. The Third Reich has conquered the planet in this entry, including powerful metropolises such as New York City and London. The year is 1960, and the only man freedom can rely on is B.J. Blazkowicz.

This is one fantastic setting for the revived franchise. It's frightening to see the Swastika covering Washington D.C., yet darkly humorous. The depiction of Nazis on Abbey Road is a chuckle-worthy parody on the Beatles, yet it also creates the dark atmosphere of the game. It's one helluva exposition, and I can't wait to see more.

To see the E3 trailer, hit the jump.  

Ubisoft, the French publisher behind the upcoming Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Rayman Legends, launched a game last generation for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC called Beyond Good & Evil. While met with a lot of praise from those who played it, it never really caught on as a "big" title. However, it did manage to accrue a cult following in the years following its release, eventually receiving an HD port on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2011. Somewhere along the line, a sequel to Beyond Good & Evil was announced. Since then, fans of the original have eagerly awaited news regarding a Beyond Good & Evil 2, which has unfortunately been scarce to non-existent.

However, a recent picture posted to Ubisoft's Facebook page may be the glimmer of hope Beyond Good & Evil fans have been waiting for. Featuring a quote from the in-game character Pey'j, who looks like a humanoid boar, the picture was posted on May 31st with a few tell tale words teasing the potential for Beyond Good & Evil 2's re-entry into the spotlight:

"We’re a bit busy prepping for E3. Time to call in some reinforcements. (Points if you remember this classic character!)"

Head past the jump to see the pig-picture in question, and tell us what you think about the chance of seeing a Beyond Good & Evil sequel at E3 2013!

DuckTales Remastered is currently being developed by WayForward. The game will be distributed by Capcom this summer. The downloadable title is coming to PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo eShop, and PC. With a massive nostalgia factor and the platforming promise of WayForward, the title is shaping up to be something fantastic.

To get bodies ready, Capcom has released a special E3 trailer for the game. Launchpad describes the terrifying Transylvania territory for Scrooge McDuck. The postcard trailer acts as a tourism video of the area, naming the marvels of the spooky mansion.

Hop inside to see the trailer!

Geoff Keighley is a big name in video game journalism; he produces content for GTTV and G4, as well as writing and performing other tasks. As a result of this status, he gets access to a lot of great content before the rest of us...and he often proceeds to tease us with it.

In a recent tweet, Mr. Keighley told us about something (presumably a game) that he saw recently. Here's what he had to say on the topic:

Saw something truly incredible last night that will be a big E3 debut. Even with all the DRM drama, next week will deliver some GREAT games.

The mention of DRM drama immediately draws my attention towards the Xbox One. This week's news has not been kind to the console, bring DRM to the forefront of many gamers' minds. Could Geoff be discussing a Xbox One title? Or perhaps he was just referencing current events? You decide!

E3 2013 is only a few days away and every company is getting their bodies ready. SEGA is among the crowd, as the publisher has just unveiled their lineup of games for the show.

Sonic Lost World is an easy confirmation. The Wii U exclusive is set to wow, with a solid reveal and great fan reaction getting the ball rolling.

Castle of Illusion will also make a return at E3 this year. The remake is overflowing with nostalgia, and many players can't wait to relive the memories, or, in the case of the young ones, experience a classic.

Total War: Rome II is shaping up to be a fantastic strategy game. SEGA is eager to show off the game at the show.

Company of Heroes 2 is set to steal the show. The game was originally planned to be published by THQ, but the company met a tragic end. The game releases at the end of this month, so SEGA is giving the title one final push.

Wrapping up the list is The Cave. The Double Fine title released back in January on PC, eShop, PSN, and Xbox Live.

That's SEGA's E3 lineup, although there is certainly room for surprises. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

The latest Thief game has had a troubling development cycle. However, the game finally has a solid vision and a release window. Square Enix and Eidos Montreal are bringing Thief to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2014.

To buy a ticket to the E3 hype train, a live action trailer for the game has been produced. There is no actual gameplay shown, which may worry fans. With the game's bumpy road to release, many Thief lovers are anxious to see how the game plays on the show floor.

Despite all this, the live action trailer for Thief is very slick and enticing. I can't wait to see the game in action next week.

To see the trailer, hit the jump!

Activision has announced the next entry in the blockbuster Skylanders series will be coming to Sony's next generation system, as well as Microsoft's. The game was already announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS.

Vicarious Visions is currently handling the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U development. They are now also working on the two new versions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Beenox is taking responsibility for the Wii version, and n-Space is developing the 3DS version.

Skylanders Swap Force will release in North America on October 13th, Australia on October 16th, and Europe on October 18th. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions have no announced release date.

Microsoft may have just dug itself into an even deeper hole; a source on NeoGAF (who has posted frequently correct rumors previously) has said that Microsoft has resorted to paying off third parties in order to gain an upper hand at E3. Both Sony and Microsoft have revealed their consoles early, and stated that their focus was going to be on games at the conference this year, so creating the illusion that the Xbox One will have more games than the PS4 would give Microsoft a definite advantage.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor. I'm currently checking the credentials of the rumor myself, and we'll be sure to keep you up to speed as more information either confirming or invalidating this statement comes to light.

In recent weeks, the gaming world has been made incredibly aware that all is not well at Microsoft. The confusion among their employees over the Xbox One has given the software giant no shortage of bad press, and there are a good few who suspect the Xbox One will be their last attempt at a console altogether. It seems Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is also aware that a change needs to occur -- throughout the entire company. In his 2012 Shareholder Report, he talked about changing Microsoft into a "devices and services" company:

This is a significant shift, both in what we do and how we see ourselves - as a devices and services company," Ballmer wrote. "It impacts how we run the company, how we develop new experiences, and how we take products to market for both consumers and businesses.

It sounds like this shift would lead to some changes in the games department; 'devices and services' sounds a lot like the Xbox One's turf. Who knows how this refocusing could affect the company... On one hand they clearly need a change, but on the other hand they're already dealing with a console launch that will take a lot of their resources to pull off. Hopefully, they can come out of this shift a stronger company.

By now, many are aware of the tremendous uproar that arose when Microsoft announced the Xbox One. As we have already reported, some clarifications are starting to roll out in regards to certain rumors or misunderstandings that surround this new console. Recently, they posted on the topic of connectivity, and how it concerns the Xbox One (and gamers). While this should come as no surprise, perhaps what the company has to say will shed some light on this very murky subject.

Hit the jump to see what Microsoft had to say.

Just after Xbox One was revealed, there were a number of rumors circulating based on confusing or vague statements made by Microsoft. Is it an always online console? Is permanently offline an option? Or is it a partially-always-online console? Can we lend games to our friends? Can we even buy used games? Or will the console's direct installation restrictions void the market of used games entirely? It was a bit hectic, and a lot of people were left bewildered.

Well, Microsoft tried to clarify several of these issues... but unfortunately it's still very confusing, so bear with me. Click past the jump to hear what Microsoft's policies are regarding a few of the hot-button issues surrounding Xbox One.

As the sun sets into the west, we come to the fourth day of our special Gamnesia E3 roundtables. Jackson isn't here tonight, and I'm incredibly lazy by nature, so we won't have any delightful puns in our titles - and you'll have to stare into the deathly maw of the infamous Mr. Caffeine. I sometimes wonder what sort of cosmic, abyssal horror lives within his very soul.

Speaking of bizarre Ubisoft press conference factoids, tonight we focus on the ubiquitous third party publishers of the gaming sphere and what impact they'll have on this year's E3 - and there is quite a bit of material to cover. Will they once again dominate like last year, even with the new console announcements?

Read on!

In an odd move, given how many unanswered questions people tend to have after big announcements (like those which are sure to arise after the first E3 showings of the two upcoming next-generation consoles), Microsoft has cancelled its formerly-scheduled post-press conference media roundtable. This news comes from the Toronto Sun's technology journalist Steve Tilley, who gave the announcement from his Twitter account.

Head past the jump to see the full tweet.