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Watch Dogs was unveiled by Ubisoft at E3 last year, and the game has snowballed quite a bit since then. The title is one of the most popular topics on the web, and one of the most anticipated experiences of the year.

Ubisoft loves their CG trailers, with new Assassin's Creed ones becoming an annual tradition. However, the publisher has put together a fancy new trailer for Watch Dogs for viewing at their press conference. It will drop a bomb.

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the trailer leaked. Good for us though!

Have a look into the world of Watch Dogs after the jump.

UPDATE: The trailer is now live! Check it out after the jump.

Near the end of their conference Monday, Microsoft put on a...slightly with Battlefield 4: Second Assault. While it took the A/V guy some time to get the trailer working, once it got up and running we were treated a graphical feast. Developed by DICE games, it looks like the newest installment in the popular shooting franchise is going to please its fans.

We saw a focus on squad-related combat as they moved through the gameplay, and then saw some naval combat as well; it looks like Battlefield 4 is being set on a large stage indeed, and the scale of the conflict seems even bigger and shinier than in recent entries.

UPDATE: The trailer is live! View it after the jump.

In a surprising move, Microsoft started off its E3 conference with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. We learned a lot of new details about the newest installment; along with coming to the Xbox One, it's also going to be open-world, with real time weather and time passage. The gameplay looks drastically different; it reminded me of the fight against The End in Metal Gear Solid 3, but drastically expanded upon. The graphics, of course, are phenomenal.

There are tons of ways to travel, it seems. We also saw a lot of characters: Miller appears to be blinded, Snake is now referred to as Punished Snake, we saw Otacon's father, what appears to be a new enemy called Skull Face -- and of course, Ocelot. The music was phenomenal, and all in all it caused a lot of hype -- even though Phantom Pain isn't one of those exclusives Microsoft was talking about.

UPDATED: The trailer shown at Microsoft's conference is now available. Take a look.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been announced for Xbox One by CD Projekt Red. The game is also coming to PlayStation 4 and PC.

The new entry in the series feels "native to next-gen platforms," with fantastic graphics and new technology integration. The game features an expansive open world with very, very fast travel. New tactical combat is also being implemented into the series. Witcher 3 on Xbox One also features exclusive SmartGlass integration.

Wild Hunt is being advertised as the "final installment." This could mean the end of our protagonist's story, or the conclusion of the entire franchise. Either way, it's been one hell of a ride.

The game arrives sometime next year.

UPDATE: The trailer is live! View it after the jump.

Exclusive to Xbox One, a new Halo title has been announced for 2014. Unlike the iOS Halo or the Halo television series, Xbox One's game will be a traditional FPS-style Halo. The 343 Industries team member who announced the new Halo spoke especially to the world the franchise has created, as well as the heroism of series protagonist Master Chief.

The teaser video shown for the game gave viewers the view of an expansive desert and a cloaked figure walking across it. A mech began to rise from a pit, and the cloaked figure's hood fell, revealing Master Chief, dog tags in-hand.

Beyond the franchise name, "Halo." No title was given to this new entry in the series.

Live stream videos at Ustream

It starts at 3PM CST. Can EA restore faith in its consumers?

UPDATE: The demo on the engine is now available. Take a look.

Black Tusk Studios, located in Vancouver, showed off a short trailer for the new engine they'll be using in their future games.

A man scales down the side of a large building amidst fireworks, crashes through a window to assassinate someone, then proceeds to hack into an electronic lock. This new engine is just another taste of the new generation's beautiful graphics and who knows, we may see this footage in an actual game one day.

Black Tusk Studios is one of five developers picked up by Microsoft. All of these groups will be offering exclusives to Xbox systems in the near future.

The demo footage is after the jump! Take a look!

UPDATE: The trailer is now live! View it after the jump.

At their E3 press conference today, Microsoft announced a brand-new game from Capcom: Dead Rising 3. It will feature a rich, open world with no load times, showing the world on a massive scale.

Nick Ramos is the main character and the gameplay shown at the event displayed his awesome wrench skills as he fought zombies. In the game, zombies are attracted to every move, and the player can get surrounded easily if he is not careful. There are multiple ways to distract them though, such as flares, so there are ways out if the player gets into trouble. The game will include hundreds of weapons, allowing improvised combinations for battle with the zombies.

Other features include SmartGlass support, which can be used to call in artillery or other aids, and driving, which will be a critical part of exploration in the open world. Dead Rising 3 will be an Xbox One exclusive.

The Lego series has gone from Hogwarts to Gotham to Middle-earth. Now, Traveler's Tales is taking the series to the Marvel universe with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The game was unveiled by Game Informer a couple months back, and now it's almost here.

The best thing about Lego Marvel Super Heroes is that all licenses are available. That means you can get the Avengers fighting next to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Spider-Man gets to show up too! This is shaping up to be a love letter to Marvel fans everywhere!

You can see the new trailer after the jump!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is coming to Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, and PC this fall.

UPDATE: The trailers are live! Check them out after the jump!

Project Spark is a game that puts you in control, letting you create your own worlds. The game will feature SmartGlass functionality to allow for precise control. You even get to control the AI's functionality. In the on-stage demo, the game's team turned a rock into a pet, and then used it to help in the fight against some animal foes. The demo also showcased interactivity between players

"We hope we've sparked your imagination" said the team.

Project Spark is coming exclusively to Xbox One!

Titanfall, a new first person shooter from Activision's Respawn Entertainment, will come to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. It has Call of Duty-like combat, but there will be mechs. A lot of mechs. And of course, you can control one too! It looks very pretty, and is very fast paced.

Players can use a jetpack to jump over objects, and they can run along walls and other objects and buildings as they're flying. In the trailer one voiceover could be heard, saying that they expect to be called "marauders, terrorists, or worse," indicating that this game takes place during some kind of revolution or rebellion. Mechs were battling each other and other soldiers and the soldiers say, "this is our land and we're going to fight for it," another indication of the main characters being freedom fighters.

Respawn's Vince Zampella said Titanfall will "define what this generation of gaming has to offer beyond just hardware." Director Steve Fukuda showed a live gameplay demo where tons of players were fighting each other in mechs or on foot. Let's just say Activision has aimed high.

UPDATE: The trailer is live! View it after the jump.

Forza Motorsport 5 is planning to innovate the way you play racing games, and games overall.

Using the power of Xbox One and cloud processing, a player can implement their driving style into the game. Opponents and enemies follow your driving style. They replicate the player's habits involving speed and handling. This means the "end of artificial intelligence," according to Forza's creators.

Greater graphics and McLaren cars were also boasted at the Microsoft conference. Those nice cars are going to look even nicer on the advanced hardware.

Forza Motorsport 5 is exclusive to Xbox One. It is a launch title for the console.

UPDATE: The trailer is live! View it after the jump.

Crimson Dragon, initially revealed as a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 exclusive from the creators of the Panzer Dragoon series a few years back, has resurfaced at long last after a veritable dead zone of information. It's still going to be Xbox-exclusive... but on a new system. Crimson Dragon will be soaring on the Xbox One.

It was initially announced as a rail shooter, and we have yet to hear if this original plan has been deviated from. A trailer was shown, and we plan to upload the footage as it comes out.

Stay tuned for further updates, especially if you're interested in games where you can launch fireball assaults from the back of a dragon (i.e. everyone).

UPDATE: The trailer is live! View it after the jump.

In a move that shocked probably nobody, Minecraft is making its way to Microsoft's newest console. It seems mostly the same as all the other versions, but just look at those next-generation graphics!

In all seriousness, though, it's nice to know that you won't have to leave Minecraft behind if you upgrade from your 360. I think it's pretty commonly held that the PC version is superior, however, and it's not like you need a high-end PC to run it. Still, it's nice.

UPDATE: The trailer for the game is here, courtesy of GameTrailers! Take a look at it after the jump!

The classic fighter series from Banjo-Kazooie developer Rare, Killer Instinct, is making a dramatic return as an exclusive title for the Xbox One. A snippet of footage was shown during Microsoft's E3 press conference utilizing the graphical capabilities of the new system, but no more concrete details have yet been shared.

Get ready to return to the arena of Ultimate Combos and crazy characters for this first time since 1995 sometime in the coming season.

We'll be sure to update with further information as the day goes on.